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GW Security Review

Have you considered surveillance for your property? You should. It is wise to know who walks in and out of your property at any given time. You know what they say, “Better safe than sorry.”

If you are looking for new CCTV security cameras for your residence or office, you might wanna take a look at GW security. They offer high quality CCTV system with spectacular features at a moderately reasonable price. Before going into the details of their newly launched 8 channel H.265 cameras, let’s get to know about the company a bit.

It is a fast growing security company that specializes in CCTV and other security related products. GW strive to offer superior quality products, impeccable customer service, and technical assistance.  

The company was established in 2009. Their vision is to offer high-quality surveillance systems at a fairly reasonable price. Customer comes first is their motto. They prioritize high quality products that performs well. This is achieved by some severe quality control tests which all their products go through.

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 8 Channel H.265 Cameras

This is a newly launched advanced CCTV camera from GW Security. The word state-of-the-art exactly captures the essence of this camera’s top features. These features include high clarity video, plug & play feature, optical zoom, and impeccable customer service. If I have to nitpick, I would say that the absence of wireless can be seen as a considerable disadvantage of the system.

This product provides you with the option of having dome cameras during the installation. But an important thing to keep in mind is that these dome cameras doesn’t rank high when it comes to resolution. Usually, the resolution of a dome camera is comparatively lower than that of regular cameras.

Apart from that, these cameras are such a delight for both technicians to install and consumers to use. In addition to that, the technical support offered by GW is very helpful. They have such resourceful people at their service.


One of the important advantage of this camera is its ease of installation and use. The configuration is simple and is really efficient to use.

Connectivity is another significant feature of this camera. All you have to do is just connect the cable and NVR. The network support feature helps you in case of any issues.

The in-built QR scanner enables you to get high definition images. And the motion detection feature assures security alerts no matter where you are.

 All these features and advantages makes this 8 Channel H.265 Cameras from GW definitely worth your money. Go for it, you will feel secured.

Do all security cameras need the internet?

Thanks to modern tech there are a lot of security cameras that need internet access to function. There are however a few cameras out there that don’t need connection to the web to function. These devices lack certain features that need the internet to function properly such as remote viewing etc. whether you need internet or not will be determined by the camera you decide to invest in. Analog cameras are equipped with older tech and they don’t need internet connection to function. They will do their jobs whether or not they are connected to the internet. On the other hand, IP cameras are the opposite and the need to be connected to the internet in order to function properly.

Analog System

The development of security cameras was well established before the invention of the internet. Those cameras were able to function without being connected to the internet. There are some analog systems still in use and they operate on older tech. They only need to be connected via wires to a recording hub central. The drawback to these types of cameras is that they are outclassed by the IP cameras. IP cameras provide better quality images, and better features and functionality. Analog cameras are generally cheaper than IPs systems and suitable in certain situations.

IP Camera System

Most IP cameras will not function with out being connected to the internet. There are some of these cameras that don’t need the connection of the internet for their features to function. Some of these cameras are designed with its own memory bank. This allows the camera to store recorded footage. This memory bank is not infinite and the camera is not able to record indefinite. With some ingenuity, you will be able to schedule your cameras to record in a specific design to save storage space. IP cameras will provide better quality and features than analog devices. They are a bit more expensive but they are worth the money spent. Not all security cameras need interne connection. There are some cameras that need internet connection in order to function properly. When you decide to get yourself a security system installed you need to consider the type that is best for you and if it is able to provide the features you desire. If you need security cameras installed but you don’t have internet connection there are still analog cameras available that will provide you with the best solution.

What are the top 5 security cameras for 2018?

There are many options for security systems available to you. There will always be arguments about what people think are the best security cameras on the market. There are many very impressive devices out there but the title of best belongs to only one. To determine the best device, you have to take into consideration a few things. You have to consider the price in relations to the features provided, availability, customer satisfaction and a few other factors. Below we begin to discuss some of the best home security cameras of 2018 but if you are looking for a more detailed review on the best 10 home security systems on the market then please learn more here.

The truth about camera solutions

The best type of devices are the ones that are easy to install and use. This does not mean that any camera like this is good. You still have to make sure the camera is of good quality. There are many cameras that offer many features but this is only a ploy to get people believing it is of a better standard that it is. A camera built on a sturdy core of tech can have the simplest design with minimal features but still stand out. What people are really seeking in a camera system is functionality, visual appeal and an easy to use interface.

The best on the market

The Arlo Pro 2 is considered the best security camera of the year. It is a sturdy device which boasts a great set of features and the option to store data in the clouds. This is the best option for anyone looking to get a complete security solution for their homes. The Cloud Cam from Amazon s the next best. This device will integrate seamlessly with your Alexa. If you are already familiar with Alexa and enjoy using this device, the Arlo Pro 2 is the best option for your security needs.

Nest Cam IQ offers great features with excellent quality video. It might be a bit costly but it is worth it. It is best suitable for those who are looking to spend to get the desired product with features. This is a product whose value is directly determined by the features it offers. Logitech Circle 2 can be mounted in a variety of options. It supports Alexa and Apple home kit. This is a device perfect for people who are enthusiastic about the possibility of smart homes. Last but not least the Ring Spotlight Cam comes with a one hundred and ten decibel siren. When triggered it will scare any potential intruder. This is ideal for people who are looking a solution for porch theft and overall intrusion.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Doorbell Camera In 2018

Never heard of a doorbell camera before? Stuck in the old days where you had a big camera sticking to the roof of your house?

Then this article is for you and why you SERIOUSLY need to consider a doorbell camera for your home security.

Note I will not be recommending specific doorbell cameras as they change regularly and I suggest reading 1 or 2 doorbell camera review sites. One I use a lot is Supreme Security Cameras, they are honest always updated and to the point. If the technology changes or has any flaws then you need to know about it.

Here are our five top reasons you need to a doorbell camera for your home security in 2018

  1. People are buying more and more things online thanks to sites like Amazon and Ebay. We are becoming more and more home dwellers with more and more of our wealth spent at home we are now prime targets for criminals to steal stuff.  So it is no surprise that Package theft is on the rise. This is when you order something and it is kept on your porch for you to get at a later date. Of course items sitting on your porch is a huge target for criminals and you have to protect that. A doorbell camera is the best choice here. As if it is stolen you have 100% proof of who did it and a much higher chance of finding them
  2. Feel unsafe when the door rings and you don’t know who it is? Sure a keyhole can let you look outside but what if that person has an air rifle (that you bought and is already sitting on your porch!) and shoots straight through it? Boom you could be dead! So a door bell camera can be used to see from away from the door who is there and make it safe for you. You will also get much greater visibility on who it is and exactly what they are carrying.
  3. The latest doorbell cameras are all motion activated. This means unlike most other cameras you don’t have to watch hours of videos and go back to the exact point an incident occurred. They are very efficient.
  4. If you are away from your home and you want to monitor it remotely? No problem you can now even get the feed from your doorbell camera on your smart phone! What a time to be alive! Life is getting harder and harder for criminals!
  5. Last but not least, these cameras are so easy to install! They are designed to be super easy without the need of hiring a technician. Follow the instructions that will come with it, put on a pair of safety glasses and you are set!

Seriously doorbell cameras cost less than $100 to $200 at the most on Amazon. Read some reviews, see if they fit on your door and buy one. You’ll sleep easy at night and be a million times happier knowing how safe you really are!