Latest Home Security Tips and Tricks (Hint Things Never Change)

So it always pays to be safe than sorry!

Top Home Security Tips and Tricks For 2018

Display Security Signs

Even if you do not have a home security camera, if you show signs that you have one, people will likely believe it. Criminals too.  Upon seeing security signs in your yard, criminals will think twice before entering your home. This will drastically increase your chance of not getting robbed.

Get  A Dog

Not a cat but a dog, and it doesn’t have to be a guard dog. Nearly all dogs look after their turf they are very tribal and will look to protect those around them.

Now some dog breeds are better than others for guard dogs but a lot will agree that Pitbulls are the best. To train a Pitbull to be a guard dog can be a lot of work, but well worth it for the security.

Some other breads include a German shepherd,  bullmastiff, a Rottweiler, Staffordshire terrier, and even the Doberman.

Aside from being great for security a dog will also make you much more happy at home!

Having A Gun

Without a doubt having a gun at home will boost your confidence immensely and as such it should be thought about. Depending on what your experience is people tend to prefer a shot gun. As if you are in a rush the last thing you want to have to be able to shoot perfectly. With a shotgun you can shoot and even if you miss the spray will do the job for you.

Just remember if you do get a gun for home use to store it properly. Read some online gun safe reviews and then buy a gun safe. If your kids get hold of the gun or even worse the burglars get hold of your gun things can get a lot worse real fast.

Get A Metal Bar On Home Sliding Doors

Any sliding doors can be an easy target for burglars as they are easy to break. Unless you have a metal bar behind them making it very hard to get inside even if the glass is smashed. This will likely prevent burglars from getting inside after smashing the glass.

Get An Alarm Monitoring Service

Most local suburbs will have an alarm monitoring service that can connect your alarm system to a central monitoring center. Then if  your alarm goes off or one on the street the sound is sent back to the monitoring center and emergency services are dispatched immediately.

That is our top 5 things you can do to immediately increase the security of your home. Some are cheaper than others but you can never put a price on your home security.